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Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Are Saying:

"Headaches, Mid-back and Low back pain, and Stress!!! Ugggh!" I was first introduced to chiropractic care in 2007 and immediately became a fan of chiropractic and of my doctor, Dr. MaryAnn Papi. Within the first 3 adjustments I noticed an improvement with my Low back pain, mid-back pain but most of all, I headaches subsided. After Dr. Papi and I spoke about proper ergonomics at my work station, I made a few adjustments to better improve my posture which in turn, decreased the pain I was experiencing in my mid and low back which was also contributing to my headaches. My posture has improved drastically with regular adjustments and the recommended strengthening exercises Dr. Papi gave me.

Recently, I was involved in a traffic accident, and I was surprised how fast my body bounced back. After a few adjustments, and a few applications of Cold laser and Electric Stim, I felt like a Million bucks! It's amazing what your body can feels like and functions when your spine and nervous system are in tune! Dr. Papi is amazing!!, She has magic hands and is a healer. She has provided me with so much information on health, medications, conditions, exercises, food choices, vaccines and so much more, so that I can make an educated decisions to better my health. Her passion is contagious and I love how she's passionate about helping people live vibrant and healthy lives through Chiropractic. I am a firm believer that chiropractic care has made a huge difference in my overall health and I praise Dr. Papi for the positive health effects she has helped me to achieve over the years. I will be a Chiropractic Patient for Life!! WooHoo Dr. Papi Rocks!!

~ Monica A.

Before I was treated by Dr. Papi, I had severe neck and shoulder pain, to the point I would never leave the house without ibuprofen. One morning I woke up with a pounding headache and could not move my neck. By the suggestion of my fiancé, who had started treatment with Dr. Papi, I gave her a call. She was able to see me right away and after a thorough examination of my spine, the x-rays revealed a slight reverse curve in my neck, which was the result of forward head posture and too many years working at a desk! Dr. Papi thoroughly explained to me my condition, my options, and my treatment. After 12 weeks of treatment and cervical traction, she took x-rays of my neck and we were very excited, happy, and amazed with the results. The neck was no longer curving in the wrong direction. Check out the x-rays, they don't lie! Seeing Dr. Papi was the best decision I made for me and my health. I am happy to say that I no longer experience the pain I went through months ago. She is a great doctor who truly cares for her patients and she is very passionate about what she does. Thank you Dr. Papi for making it possible for me to live pain free!

~ Carolyn T.





"Dr. Papi Is Amazing…She's Helped Me Tremendously!" I suffer from serious spinal column and vertebra disease for more than 30 years, and once to be cared and treated by four chiropractors. Now the fifth doctor is Dr. MaryAnn Papi. She is a wonderful, young Chiropractor, kind, clever and having extremely good chiropractic skills. After treatment of six times from her, now I can walk 5000 paces every day, sleep 7 hours at night, and feel better and I have been able to play my piano for more than 15 minutes! It is most important that I am no longer frightened of such disease. While being devout, I suggest the friends with spinal function problems to visit Dr. MaryAnn Papi.

~ Z. Li

"Neck and Back Pain" Before coming to see Dr. Papi I had been in intense pain in my back and neck. I could not even move my neck and back without pain. This has been going on for years. Now the pain and stiffness is going away. This is all due to the wonderful treatment from Dr. Papi.

I am very grateful for the kindness and caring that Dr. Papi has shown me. The entire office staff is all very friendly and pleasant. Furthermore, I would recommend anyone seeking chiropractic care, pain relief, or just a healthier way of life to Dr. Papi at the Neurolink Chiropractic office in San Mateo.

~ Doreen S.

"Lowback, Hip Pain and over prescribed Antibiotics." After coming in to see Dr. Papi for the first time for discomfort in my lower back, she also found that my hips were off by 1/2 inch. Over the course of the weeks and visits, I have significantly noticed that the pain in my lower back has gone away. My job requires a lot of sitting or driving and before coming in to see Dr. Papi my back would start hurting. I'm extremely happy that everything is improving and i can work without the pain. Dr. Papi has also been great at educating me about my back problems, posture and how to improve my health in natural ways. Also, she has been great at keeping me informed of my progress.

I recently had my regular medical doctor tell me all sorts of stories as to why i need to be put on extensive amounts of antibiotics for long periods of time. My intuition told me something wasnt right. I spoke with Dr. Papi about it and she agreed. There wasnt enough proof I NEEDED this medication. She recommended I get some supplements and since then, things have been great. I would highly recommend Dr. Papi to anyone who wants to get out of pain, live with more energy and vibrancy and who wants to understand better healthier ways to live.

~ Valerie F.